Woodland Indian News
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Native American Alliance of Ohio
P.O. Box 502
Thornville, Ohio 43076

The Native American Alliance of Ohio was founded November 14, 1992. At that time over two hundred Indian people and representatives came together for a common cause. The goals of the Native American Alliance of Ohio are to increase public awareness of Indian People in the state of Ohio. Over the past years we have worked toward the protection of Indian Mounds, Reburial of our ancestors, visiting and praying at many sacred sites in Ohio, and helping draft legislation to protect the graves of our ancestors. Alliance members have spent many hours in Public Schools, Churches, and Civic Originations, sharing our customs and traditions. Native American Alliance of Ohio is made up primarily of eastern woodland Indian descendants. We welcome anyone of Indian descent to contact us in sharing our hopes and dreams for the future of all our children.

The Native American Alliance of Ohio (NAAO), will print news articles, announcements of coming events, letters to the editor, and a family link service. the editorial staff will review each item and print items at their desecration. The letters to the editor may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the NAAO or its members. We will not print letters or articles of liable or a slanders nature. It is the intention of the NAAO to print news items and articles of interest to the general population. Anyone wishing to have articles or letters put on the NAAO site may mail to the address above or the email link below.
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